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Wild Cards

Name: WILD CARDS: Wild cards.

Author: Several.

Editorial: Océano. (The cover of the book and the publisher are the ones that there are in Argentina)

Gender: Science Fiction.

The phenomenon GAME OF THRONES produced an uproar to the point that there isn´t a single person that doesn´t know when people is talking about either the books or the series and doesn’t know about their great author George R. R. Martin.
By his hand we find WILD CARDS, a saga in which Martin is the EDITOR and was written by several authors.
This saga is being currently published, with more than 20 books already published and with the intention of carrying on with the project.

“Wild Cards” is the first handing of the saga and it is set in the posterior years of the World War II.
Soon after the world starts to recover from the war an alien appears in the Earth ensuring that he wants to help saving the planet, as well as there are people with intentions of destroying it. But a huge virus is set free in Manhattan raising a catastrophe in the city. Thousands of people dies in the accident, but many others survive, taking on unique qualities beginning the life story of so many of those whom the wild card started to affect as to which the people involved in the new reality…

As I mentioned earlier, the book was written by several authors (that I´m going to mention later because there are many), between we find our editor George Martin and many other acknowledged authors.
This kind of writing makes the books really special, since it gives the story the particularity of being told, not only from different characters, but also from perspectives (both in places and situations) that relate too little with those from other characters.
This way you find a lot of characters and each one with different particularities, from superpowers, like those that we can read in comics, to ugly deformations.
Also, a singularity that in my opinion makes the book more interesting is that it is mixed with facts of real life, transforming and adapting them to the story of Wild Cards, creating a parallel world from the one we live but with heroes, villains and those that use their power for their own benefit.

It is a story about treason, love and hatered, partnership, loses, irreparable mistakes, great feats and physical and psyquic transformations, that lead the characters to face unimaginable situations.

Personally, I loved this book, it is really entertaining to read because it changes in every chapter and has a lot of characters, but without the disadvantage of getting lost by trying to relate them.
The only disadvantage that I found was that it is an extensive saga, but when you start to read, it worth it.     
It is highly recommended for science fiction lovers, and for those who maybe don´t like it as much I also recommend it because being mixed with the real history makes it to lose the effect of “that is almost impossible” that the science fiction produces.

Authors in the book: Howard Waldrop, Roger Zelazny, Walter Jon Williams, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Michael Cassutt, George R. R, Martin, David D. Levine, Lewis Shiner, Victor Milán, Edward Bryant, Leanne C. Harper, Stephen Leigh, Carrie Vaughn, John J. Miller.

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