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Complemento (Complement)

Name: Complemento.

Author: Silvana Berbel.

Editorial: Montena. (The cover of the book and the publisher are the ones that there are in Argentina)

Gender: Romance, Fantasie.

“Complemento” is the first book of Silvana Berbel, on sale since May from this year. It should be clarified that it is currently being sold only in Argentina (except that you buy the digital version, but it is only in spanish) so those who want to read the story in their language will have to wait for a while.

It tells the story of Ángela and Gabriel, the main characters, focusing specially in Ángela´s point of view.
All happens in Argentina, Ángela is a young woman like any other, she is 19 years old, recently she got a boyfriend, studies Graphic Design, and has a relatively normal life. The olny thing that she has to take special care of is her heart condicion, that gives her hard times from time to time.
It is because her arrhythmia that this young girl life starts to take unexpected turns.

One night, she suffers the worst attack in her entire life, so her reliance doctor recomends her to take a vacations and stay away from everything. She decides to take the advise, and stays away from the city for a while.
But not everything is what she thought it would be, what she considered a trip for relaxing turns into a serie of unexpected and unexpleinable events, that leades her to Gabriel.
Gabriel is an enigmatic character, fron whom we don´t know anything, but is arrival means a radical change in Ángela.

It is a story full of romance, but if you read the back cover you can´t imagine what is it about or a big picture about the book, you get caught by the questions that surround the main characters.
It is of those books that you carry withy you every where to read whats next, and in which every detail counts, so you have to pay close attention, the songs and the movies mentioned, even the names of the main characters are well thoght-out.

It is written from the poin of view of Ángela and Gabriel, but centered in Ángela´s because Gabriel is the mysterious carácter and everything he might say only produces more doubts. So Ángela must decide if sh follows her instict that leades her to stay close to Gabriel or her mind that tells her that all about hi mis extremly weird.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy romance, the stories with latent mistery and fantastic events. Even tho it is oriented to a young public, I think that we all know that if the story is good entertains people from all ages.

Although this is the first book from the autor, she said that is currently working in the second part, so for those who enjoided it stay tuned for the next publishing.

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  1. If your complement/soul-mate is just in front of you, Might you recognize him?

    1. I don´t know, probably not. I am kind of oblivious in that stuff, but it also depends on the other part. I think.

    2. It took me time and I found mine. It was not luck.
      'Complement' is a privilege reserved for those who have the courage to seek.
      Do not waste another day. Start your search.
      You'll recognize him when there is no doubts in your head.
      You Can't figure out the reward.

      By the way, my name's Donald.
      Book's name took my attention while looking for a gift.
      Very Nice Blog. Best Regards.