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Name: Wonder

Author: T. J. Palacio.

Editorial: Nube de Tinta. (The cover of the book and the publisher are the ones that there are in Argentina)

Gender: Children´s.

"Wonder: The lesson of August" is a children's novel written by R. J. Palacio, published in 2012.
This is a book that my best friend gave me for the "Friendship Day", and that I wanted to read so much, so thanks skinny!!
The story is beautiful and more than once I wanted to cry, but I had the brilliant idea to read it while traveling or at intervals in the university so I ended up holding it XD.

The lesson of August is a first-person account of a baby born with a facial problem, and the people around him. However, out of this fact, it is a normal boy having fun with his games, with "Star Wars", and whose only desire is to make friends and lead a normal life.
Through the book, August narrates his life and vision of things and the people around him, but in particular the beginning of a new stage of his life: going to school. So far he never went to school, he was educated at home because their parents thought it was the best way to care for him and also because he continually had to face surgery. But the time that August wanted to avoid at all costs came, having to face a crowd that will see him as a rarity. There, he will meet many people, good and "not so good" that are showing us how many people react to someone like August.
We will also see the views of other characters such as August's sister, Olivia, her boyfriend, Justin, and her friend Miranda, and some of August classmates, Jack and Summer. All of them have expressed as August is near, things they learn from him and how his arrive modify their lives.
Of them, Justin is one of the chapters that I liked the most, especially in the last chapter where (I don´t want to spoil, so I will try: P) shows that although August is unfortunate in many ways, he has many others things that makes him one of the luckiest boys he knows.

It's a very sweet story full of life lessons with phrases that remain in our mind and situations that make you angry, but they don´t escape from reality. Palace has a way of writing that while it is simple (as it is a rather childish book), is consistent with the history and makes you get emotional with every word.
Another thing I liked is that it makes you to think and do a self-criticism about the treatment of others. While throughout history many situations cause us some impotence, is a reality that we all don´t behave as we should, and that's what makes the book so special, show us how we ourselves behave and make us reflect on our attitudes.

I don´t need to say that I loved this book, and in my opinion, everyone should read it. Adults and children should know this story, because it tells that not only the kids can damage, intentionally or unintentionally, but adults as well.

It is easy to read, as I mentioned, and its chapters are very short so it is ideal for reading while traveling or at leisure. Now, if you are easy to tear, I recommend you to read it calmly at home, especially the end XD!

Finally, I want to say that August became one of my favorite characters, who at his young age teaches us about self-improvement, courage, generosity and such an important value as friendship.

PS: Since I started it until the end, it is worth leaving this small and special kid enters for a while in our life.

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