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Name: Dracula

Author: Bram Stoker.

Editorial: Terramar. (The cover of the book and the publisher are the ones that there are in Argentina)

Gender: Fantsie.

Who doesn´t know the character Dracula now days? But do you really know one of the most important fantastic novels? Even though we all heard about this story, not many really know it. That´s why I chose this opportunity to write about it.

Dracula was written by Bram Stoker, in 1897. The story is set in the 19th century in England, and tells how a group of people is involved in different situations that are leading to one conclusion, the possible existence of mythical creatures: the vampires.
Stoker wrote the novel in the form of diaries and letters, so you can meet the characters intimately, their fears, desires, regrets, etc. Among the "writers" you will find, one of the main characters, Jonathan Harker, a young lawyer who is happily engaged with Wilhemina ("Mina") Murray (another of those who give us the facts). It is also Dr. John Seward, a psychiatrist full time, who dedicated his life to studying the behavior of their patients, including a zoophagous (eats living animals). In addition, letters and telegraphs appear with other important characters like Lucy Westerna, which is the best friend of mine, Arthur Holmwood, a young nobleman, Quincey Morris, an American businessman, and inevitably Van Helsing.

Part of the story takes place in Transylvania, home of Count Dracula, where Jonathan Harker went to close a contract with the cCount. There he meets strange situations that lead him to doubt his sanity, so he decides to investigate and see what happens, and then realizes that he is a prisoner in the castle of Dracula.

Vlad Tepes castle, posible inspiration for Dracula

Another part of the story takes place in England where Mina is visiting her friend Lucy in the city of Whitby. Here also begins to happen various suspicious facts, both in the city and in the lives of the two young ladies.
On the other hand, there is the appearance of a mysterious ship with a dead on board and no crew. The dead man turns out to be the ship's captain, of whom they find his diary, which recounts what was happening with the crew. On the other hand, the young Lucy begins to suffer from insomnia, what weakens her slowly and appears there is no solution. That is why his friend, Dr. Seward, decides to contact his teacher Van Helsing, who is an expert on issues that go beyond normal understanding of people.

 Whitby graveyard.

From that moment, start to come together all the details and experiences of each of the characters in order to find and destroy Count Dracula.

Honestly, at first the book hook me up on reading, it was all very interesting and engaging. Going a little further, it became a heavy reading, at least for my taste, making at the half of the book to lose interest. But if you read it completely, it returns to its initial impulse.
It is one of those classics that MUST be read, although I would recommend to read it with time and patience. When you end you can help but think that is a great history and completely worth reading. Once the characters spend their time trying to capture and destroy Dracula, they will slowly discover the true story about him, as well as what powers and why they find him increasingly stronger, both physically and mentally. This book has a thrilling final (WHAT A FINAL!!), which leaves you the feeling of having read a great story.

I was very surprised one of the characters; I had the feeling of a different Van Helsing. I imagined him as a hermit man, who was not interested in anything but himself and finding out about mythological beings (clearly the film "Van Helsing" became very stuck in my head), and I found a nice character, affectionate, like a father to everyone, willing to risk his life for those who he loves and appreciate. I honestly did not expect that.

Many may know that there are several versions that claim that Bram Stoker based his Dracula character on a real person.
One version is the Emperor of Romania Vlad Tepes, "the Impaler", which is known for its torture methods and their penchant for killing people for pleasure.
Another is Elisabeth Bathory, "Bloody Countess", he believed that blood had rejuvenating powers, and I think no need to explain more .... XD!

Undoubtedly, the vampire is one of the mythological beings that abounds in fantasy stories and that one more passionate about knowing the different versions. For them and for those who want to know this classic, it is more than recommended.

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