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The name of the wind

Name: The kingkiller chronicle: The name of the wind.

Author: Patrick Rothfuss.

Editorial: Plaza & Janes. (The cover of the book and the publisher are the ones that there are in Argentina)

Gender: Fantsie.

“The name of the wind” is the first book of the saga “The kingkiller chronicle: day one”. Not only is the first book of the saga but also the first one published by the author Patrick Rithfuss.
In this fantastic story we meet Kvothe, and we find a whole new world. It has its own story, weird beings, magic, its geography (something that I love) and life lessons.

The story tells the life of Kvothe (pronounced “cuouz”), a red haired with green eyes young man (I highlight that because those details are what make him striking inside the story) with a curious personality and a brilliant mind capable of gaining knowledge extremely fast.

All this set of things make the main character one of thos epic characters that you love from the beginning till the end.  

It is told from Kvothe point of view, this first book is the first day of his narration, in which after thinking about it, he decides to tell his own story and publish it, for which he will need three days (that is why the trilogy).
There we see how someone like him reached his current state, his whole story from when he met his great master who discovered his intelligence, his parents and their relationship, the belief of beings from tails and legends, how he uses his cleverness to battle poverty, his love for music, the importance of friends and why not the enemies, and the turns of a love that seem unreachable.
All this, plus the feelings of the main character in every situation that he has to face, makes the reader to understand him, his suffer and joy.
Besides, it has a variety of characters, but without being lost while reading thinking who is who. There are good characters, bad, very bad, crazy ones, fugitives, wise and those that give help in exchange of some favors.
Every success in the life of the protagonist leaves us a lesson to carry and to value even the smallest things in life.

At the beginning of the book, the author thanks his parents and I want to highlight that when he thanks his father for teaching him that if he wanted to make something right he should take his time. I remarked that because in this piece we can value the time that the author put in it, and the quality in every detail and the attention that he put while writing, making it one of the bests novels that I read in this last time.
I also remark it because once as a reader you became a fan of a saga you expect the authors to publish the following books quick, and it is not something that favors the story. With patience, it will surely have an end that will live us with that sensation of having read an excellent story.  

It´s been a while since I wanted to buy this book, first I read the synopsis and it captured my attention immediately, after I read some comments about it they made me want to read it even more, until I finally bought it and started it with high expectations. And I can assure you that it totally reached them. It´s an excellent book, and I can´t wait to read the next one.
It´s pretty extensive, but the reading is really entertaining and when you realize it you are already at the half of the book. And when you reach the end you only want to know more.

It is a book that I recommend to everyone, in which you find everything that you can expect of a great story and more. And this is just my opinion as a fan but I can´t find anything bad about it. It´s worth the time to read this great story, that in my opinion is excellent and from which I expect the same quality in the next books.

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