martes, 26 de julio de 2016

Wuthering Heights

Nombre: Wuthering Heights

Autor: Emily Bronte.

Editorial: Alianza.

Género: Romance.

When I bought the book Wuthering Heights, it was in my night table for a long time until I finally read it. I honestly had the preconception that it was a classic romantic novel, where for some reason they can´t be together and end up all "happily ever after".

I could not have been more wrong, history has revenge, romance, betrayal; a mixture narrated in a way that has you trapped from start to finish. It´s not for nothing is a classic since forever :P..

Well, starting to tell the story a little. The story begins with a young man (Mr. Lockwood) located in a new house and goes to this place called "Wuthering Heights" in Yorkshire. There he meets the owner of the place and the people around him. During his stay he gets sick and the housekeeper of the house, where he is staying, begins to tell the story of people who lived there as a way to pass the time.
And so, we move into the life of Mr. Heathcliff. Since his arrival to the Earnshaw´s house, being a child Mr. Eranshaw, as to when he became the owner of Wuthering Heights.
Trying to sum up a bit and not give spoilers, Heathclif arrival was not exactly welcome from the children of Mr. Earnshaw; but eventually Catherine, the daughter, begins to take affection, while Hindley (the eldest son) hatred increased.

So, Heathcliff grows hated by most of those around him, so he keeps a great resentment, but also feel a great love for Cathy. The novel is focusing on the lives of all these characters and how their lives and decisions affect those around them, to the point of generating in Heathcliff that "thirst" for revenge.

Anyway, the story is great, highly recommendable, you may think that it is "more women like", but honestly, I would recommend to anyone. The story has everything. If you are looking to read a classic, this definitely is one of those.

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